[check_postgres-announce] Version 2.18.0 released

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Sun Oct 2 17:33:23 UTC 2011

Version 2.18.0 has been released. Find it here:


Lots of changes this go round, especially to the same_schema action.

The complete list:

  Redo the same_schema action. Use new --filter argument for all filtering.
  Allow comparisons between any number of databases.
  Remove the dbname2, dbport2, etc. arguments.
  Allow comparison of the same db over time.

  Swap db1 and db2 if the slave is 1 for the hot standby check (David E. Wheeler)

  Allow multiple --schema arguments for the slony_status action (Greg Sabino Mullane and Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais)

  Fix ORDER BY in the last vacuum/analyze action (Nicolas Thauvin)

  Fix check_hot_standby_delay perfdata output (Nicolas Thauvin)

  Look in the correct place for the .ready files with the archive_ready action (Nicolas Thauvin)

  New action: commitratio (Guillaume Lelarge)

  New action: hitratio (Guillaume Lelarge)

  Make sure --action overrides the symlink naming trick.

  Set defaults for archive_ready and wal_files (Thomas Guettler, Greg Sabino Mullane)

  Better output for wal_files and archive_ready (Greg Sabino Mullane)

  Fix warning when client_port set to empty string (bug #79)

  Account for "empty row" in -x output (i.e. source of functions).

  Fix some incorrectly named data fields (Andy Lester)

  Expand the number of pgbouncer actions (Ruslan Kabalin)

  Give detailed information and refactor txn_idle, txn_time, and query_time
    (Per request from bug #61)

  Set maxalign to 8 in the bloat check if box identified as '64-bit'
    (Michel Sijmons, bug #66)

  Support non-standard version strings in the bloat check.
    (Michel Sijmons and Gurjeet Singh, bug #66)

  Do not show excluded databases in some output (Ruslan Kabalin)

  Allow "and", "or" inside arguments (David E. Wheeler)

  Add the "new_version_box" action.

  Fix psql version regex (Peter Eisentraut, bug #69)

  Add the --assume-standby-mode option (Ruslan Kabalin)

  Note that txn_idle and query_time require 8.3 (Thomas Guettler)

  Standardize and clean up all perfdata output (bug #52)

  Exclude "idle in transaction" from the query_time check (bug #43)

  Fix the perflimit for the bloat action (bug #50)

  Clean up the custom_query action a bit.

  Fix space in perfdata for hot_standby_delay action (Nicolas Thauvin)

  Handle undef percents in check_fsm_relations (Andy Lester)

  Fix typo in dbstats action (Stas Vitkovsky)

  Fix MRTG for last vacuum and last_analyze actions.

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
End Point Corporation
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