Last updated: 2020-02-28

Bucardo replication events happens in syncs, which replicate one or more tables.

To add a new sync, run:

bucardo add sync name relgroup=xxx dbs=xxx
  • name is what you want to name this sync - keep it short and descriptive
  • relgroup is the name of a source relgroup
  • dbs are the names of databases
  • dbgroup is the name of a database group
  • (note: only one of dbs or dbgroup is required)
  • tables is an optional list of tables that should be immediately added to the new sync. A relgroup with the same name as the sync itself will be automatically created to contain these tables.

To modify an existing sync, run:

bucardo update sync name=value

Where name is one of the columns of the sync table.

To add a database to an existing sync the update dbgroup command should be used (see update_dbgroup).

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