[Bucardo-general] Status on Multi-Column Primary Key Support

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Sun Oct 28 01:24:25 UTC 2007

On Fri, 26 Oct 2007, Ben Allen wrote:

>> In reality, keys with more than 2 primary keys are unlikely, so I'm not 
>> convinced that we need to be so flexible as to hold any number of keys. 
>> Perhaps three would be sufficient?
> In most cases I would think three would be sufficient. For my current 
> project, the max I have is a three column primary keys and only in one 
> table. Although, I would hate to have someone run into an imposed limit. 
> Depending on how much difficulty adding 'unlimited' (significantly high 
> enough, i.e. 10-20+) number of primary keys would be compared to a 
> limited number, I would say lean towards goal of unlimited primary keys.

Though it seems a little ridiculous, I too would lean towards unlimited 
keys. 1 more than whatever maximum you choose will always seem reasonable 
to the person who needs it. :)

>> 2. goat.pkey = 'id1|id2'; goat.pkeytype = 'int|text';
> Just make sure you use a character for the separator that can never be 
> in a column name or data-type (I guess thats probably going to be a 
> little hard, "|" will likely work and looks logical). Would 2 be any 
> harder to validate on insert/update then 3? Number 1 is ugly and harder 
> to expand in the future if the need arises. My vote is for number 2.

Yeah, I think #2 is the best of the lot as well. None of them are 
"satisfying" exactly, but that's life.

By the way, will #2 make working with column names that need quoting any 
harder? Such as mixed case names, or names with spaces? Does Bucardo even 
work with such names right now?


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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