[Bucardo-general] Question about makedelta and star replication

Rodrigo Gonzalez rjgonzale at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 01:44:02 UTC 2008

I need to use makedelta to handle star replication

Consider this


Each one has a table called test

Now I have a goat for each DB including test table with makedelta = TRUE
I have 2 syncs with DB1 as commong point
DB2 <-> DB1
DB1 <-> DB3

Both with makedelta = TRUE

That works with checktime = 00:00:01 to make it check each second cause 
if updating from DB3, DB2 "wait" check time to be updated.

Now my 2 questions:

1 - which makedelta are required and why?
2 - is checktime required or something in my configuration is wrong?


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