[Bucardo-general] Procedures for changes to goat or herdmap entries

Shepard, Ric (DFG) ric.shepard at alaska.gov
Wed Apr 9 16:59:48 UTC 2008

Is there a recommended, step-by-step method, for getting a sync to work 
correctly after making a change to an included goat or its herdmap?  I'm 
specifically interested in two scenarios, both of which have recently been 
encountered in a  Master/Slave setup:

1. A new column is added to a table (goat) that is already included in a 
syncing herdmap.

2. New tables (goats) are added to an existing, syncing herdmap.

In both cases, I managed to get Bucardo to replicate to the Slave but, in both 
cases, it took a bit of "futzing" to achieve success.

Thanks for any help or direction.

-Ric Shepard

Ric Shepard, Analyst/Programmer
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Commercial Fisheries, Westward Region
211 Mission Road, Kodiak, AK 99615
907-486-1862 <ric.shepard at alaska.gov>

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