[Bucardo-general] Failover, production env use

Márton Nagy publicwaste at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 15:12:47 UTC 2008


Im just discovered bucardo, and it ll be ideal for one of my recent
projects. It was a great Idea!
Ive see the bucardo project being developed, and it is an active topic, but
i would have some question about the software maturity.

It is quality reaching the level of being use in produtcion environment(is
anybody using it that way yet?)? Or it is a prepre-gamma version to play
with it, develope it together, and draw the stable version's feature
landscape? Or where is it between that two?

My other quation belongs to the main (and only?) developer, Greg Sabino
Mullane. Ive seen some pdf file on the www, what were slide's to a pg conn.
On that i saw something like "Not for failover". Is that true? (Or did u
mean it: its not a cluster-solution, where one node fails clients ll be
served via oder nodes? Wich is clear)
The environment in i would use bucardo is: geographically distributed nodes,
apps based only on local nodes only, rapdid synchronized "goats"(in a couple
of seconds), and the main req: on resume from connection faliure's (wich is
tipically few hours, but it can be days too) fast recovery. (the busines
logic layer upon the ddb is still working until unsychronised) The size of
the distributed db is so around 1-2GB, but the "to-sync-data-per-day" is
very low (few 10 megabyte worst case). Would u recommend bucardo for that

thank you for answer! ...and for that great sw!

Nagy Márton
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