[Bucardo-general] problem with referential integrity.

Grant Maxwell grant.maxwell at maxan.com.au
Sat Aug 22 06:06:40 UTC 2009

Hi Folks

I have setup to very simple tables with a foreign key from one to the  
other. The foreign key rules are that ON UPDATE - CASCADE the change.  
This means that when updating the "referred to" table, every  
"referring" record in the other tables is automagically updated.

This works beautifully - until - i replicate with bucardo. The problem  
is that bucardo is somehow inhibiting the cascade rule and so while  
the referred to table is update, the referring records are not -  
essentially creating a referential integrity problem. Actually the  
problem does not even get triggered as a error. nasty.

Here is the schema

database testref  on server localhost

CREATE TABLE mailaddresslist
   pkmailaddressid integer NOT NULL,
   mailaddress character varying(100) NOT NULL,
   CONSTRAINT mailaddressid PRIMARY KEY (pkmailaddressid)

   mailid integer NOT NULL,
   mailaddressid integer NOT NULL,
   message text,
   CONSTRAINT pkeymessage PRIMARY KEY (mailid),
   CONSTRAINT fkmailaddressid FOREIGN KEY (mailaddressid)
       REFERENCES mailaddresslist (pkmailaddressid) MATCH SIMPLE

Database testref on server testref_t2
schema same as above

sync rule

testref2->public.testref->mailaddresslist ===>>> testref- 

     name    |   source   | targetdb | targetgroup | synctype  |  
stayalive | kidsalive | usecustomselect | copytype | copyextra |  
deletemethod | limitdbs | ping | do_listen | checktime | status |  
makedelta | rebuild_index | priority |   txnmode    | disable_triggers  
| disable_rules | analyze_after_copy | overdue  | expired   
|             cdate
  testref_in | testref_t2 | testref  |             | pushdelta |  
t         | t         | f               | copy     |           |  
delete       |        0 | t    | f         |           | active |  
f         | f             |        0 | SERIALIZABLE | pg_class          
| pg_class      | t                  | 00:00:00 | 00:00:00 |  
2009-08-22 15:06:54.718262+10

My theory is that the "disable_rules" value may be causing it. I tried  
setting it to 'none' but i got an "all or none" error.

Any clues please ?

Need any other info ?


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