[Bucardo-general] problem with referential integrity.

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Mon Aug 24 15:58:53 UTC 2009

> I have setup to very simple tables with a foreign key from one to the
> other. The foreign key rules are that ON UPDATE - CASCADE the change.
> This means that when updating the "referred to" table, every "referring"
> record in the other tables is automagically updated.
> This works beautifully - until - i replicate with bucardo. The problem
> is that bucardo is somehow inhibiting the cascade rule and so while the
> referred to table is update, the referring records are not - essentially
> creating a referential integrity problem. Actually the problem does not
> even get triggered as a error. nasty.

Bucardo replicates the data only. If two tables are logically related,
such as with a foreign key, then they *must* be part of the same sync so
that they get replicated together in one transaction, and all the data
remains tied together.

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