[Bucardo-general] problem with exception custom code.

Grant Maxwell grant.maxwell at maxan.com.au
Wed Aug 26 05:30:28 UTC 2009

Hi Folks

Im having trouble getting custom exception code to run. I have  
successfully created custom code and linked it to a sync for  
before_txn and it works fine, but
when i create some code and link it for "exception" to a goat (10) it  
seems ok but does not run and bucardo chucks a wobbly about the  

The code (for testing is very simple:

use Sys::Syslog;
use DBIx::Safe;
use strict;
use warnings;

my ($result) = @_;
if ($result->{dummy}){
    $result->{'action'} = 0;
    $result->{'message'} = "returning from code test";
} else {
$result->{'message'} = "ELS: Would change tower to $result- 
 >{'targetrow'}{pkmailid} for $result->{'targetrow'}{'emailaddress'}";
$result->{'action'} = 0;

below is the log fragment that shows bucardo acknowledging and testing  
the code but then ignoring it later.

any help appreciated


  MCP Activating sync "emailaddress_in_ms"
  MCP   Validating custom code 3 (exception) (goat=10):  
  MCP     OK: code contains a dummy string
  MCP   Validating source table "public.tblmailaddresslist" on t1
  MCP     Comparing tables and columns on messagestore
  MCP Listening on source server t1 for  
  MCP Skipping sync "emailaddress_out_t2": status is "inactive"
  MCP Entering main loop
  MCP Checking for existing controllers for sync "emailaddress_in_ms"
  CTL Controller starting for sync "emailaddress_in_ms". Source herd  
is "emailaddress_in"
  CTL   database: messagestore synctype:pushdelta stayalive:1  
  CTL   limitdbs:0 kicked:0 kidsalive:1 triggers: replica
  CTL Listening for "bucardo_ctl_kick_emailaddress_in_ms"
  CTL   Herd member 3218087: public.tblmailaddresslist
  CTL     Target oids: messagestore:16411
  MCP Created controller 15868 for sync "emailaddress_in_ms". Kick is 0
  CTL Cleaning out old q entry. sync='emailaddress_in_ms' pid=15195  
ppid=15150 targetdb=messagestore started:1 ended:0 aborted:1  
cdate=2009-08-26 14:53:39.603298+10
  CTL Cleaning out old q entry. sync='emailaddress_in_ms' pid=0  
ppid=15150 targetdb=messagestore started:0 ended:0 aborted:0  
cdate=2009-08-26 14:53:42.645999+10
  CTL Cleaning out old q entry. sync='emailaddress_in_ms' pid=15199  
ppid=15150 targetdb=messagestore started:1 ended:0 aborted:1  
cdate=2009-08-26 14:53:41.119064+10
  CTL Created new kid 15870 for sync "emailaddress_in_ms"
  KID New kid, syncs "t1" to "messagestore" for sync  
"emailaddress_in_ms" alive=1 Parent=15868
  KID Nothing to do: no entry found in the q table for this sync
  KID Got a notice for emailaddress_in_ms: t1 -> messagestore
  KID Source delta count for public.tblmailaddresslist: 5943
  KID Total delta count: 5943
  KID Rows to be upserted for public.tblmailaddresslist: 5943
  KID Updated public.tblmailaddresslist.emailaddress:
  KID Inserted  
.tblmailaddresslist.emailaddress: .. at host195.200-45-198.telecom.net.ar
  KID Inserted public.tblmailaddresslist.emailaddress: 0-6b at mail.majestytitle.com
  KID Inserted public.tblmailaddresslist.emailaddress: 0-6b at mattel.com
  KID Inserted public.tblmailaddresslist.emailaddress: 0-corvo at mail.khai.edu
  KID Inserted public.tblmailaddresslist.emailaddress: 0-darius at kdn.ktguide.com
  KID Warning! Rows set to aborted in the q table for this child: 1
  KID Warning! Child for "emailaddress_in_ms" was killed at line 3997:  
DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  duplicate key value violates  
unique constraint "tblmailaddresslist_pkey" at /usr/local/share/perl/ 
5.10.0/Bucardo.pm line 3997.  main error: none source error: none  
target error: 7
  KID Sent an email to xxx: Bucardo kid for "emailaddress_in_ms"  
killed on theconsole
  CTL Warning! Kid 15870 seems to have died. Sync "emailaddress_in_ms"
  MCP Got notice "bucardo_kick_sync_emailaddress_in_ms" from 32761 on  
db t1
  MCP Sent a kick request to controller 15868 for sync  

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