[Bucardo-general] Which version to run and multi-column primary keys support

Benoit Myard myardbenoit at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 09:07:00 UTC 2009

Dear list,

I'm working for an NGO on a clinic computerization project which
includes running several physically distant database servers that have
to stay in sync all together ­— thanks to Bucardo.

According to this thread [1] from last October, running 3.1.2 is
considered safe by Greg but what about say... 3.2.5?

I've noticed many multi-column primary keys (MCPK) support enhancements
lately (I mean since 3.0.9) in the repo and I would like to get some
feedback on this.

Keeping databases in sync with Bucard-3.0.9 and MCPK is no option, but
what about Bucardo-3.2.5 (or whatever else is considered stable) and

In other words, which version of Bucardo would you advise me to run and
with or without MCPK?

I know that Bucardo needs testing for MCPK and even though my time-line
is pretty short (1 month or so before switching to production) I would
like to make it with MCPK and consider SCPK as a last resort solution.
If there's any way I can help..

Thanks in advance.



Benoit Myard <0xEBCA526B> :wq!

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