[Bucardo-general] can I do this?

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Wed Jan 7 15:34:23 UTC 2009

> I have a set of Postgres servers. One server is the primary where
> records are written to. other servers will read from the primary, but
> write to their local postgres. I would like to forward those local
> writes to the single primary on certain tables only. I want to do this
> to reduce the number of connections to the primary since many threads
> will be writing to local servers.
> A) Does this make sense?

Not entirely, but...

> B) Can bucardo forward local transaction writes from a specific table
> (even though other tables written in the transaction) to the primary?

Yes: you control which tables are replicated as part of a "sync".
Ideally, these tables are all in a set because they change as a group
(e.g. foreign keys) but you are free to sync whichever tables you want.

> C) When does the sync'ing transaction to the primary occur?

Syncing in Bucardo happens either when changes are made (if the sync's
'ping' is set to true, the default), or whenever you ask it to run by
issuing ./bucardo_ctl kick <syncname>. Both are simply issuing NOTIFY
commands that the master Bucardo process is listening for, so you can
simply issue the NOTIFYs yourself, but using ./bucardo_ctl is much more

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