[Bucardo-general] (no subject)

Ben Allen bsa at lanl.gov
Mon May 4 04:26:41 UTC 2009

No you don't have to do a swap sync. All the different syncs types  
should work fine.

Bucardo only needs to be installed in one place, usually where ever  
the bucardo database resides. Only one Bucardo database is needed. It  
will talk to remote databases just fine as long as it has the correct  
user/password, etc setup in its db table.

I'm guessing what you man when you say crazy, is an endless loop of  
replication? For example, data from DB_A is replicated to DB_B, and in  
turn that same new data on DB_B gets re-replicated back to DB_A, and  
so on...

No it should never do this. Bucardo disables the triggers on table it  
is about to update data on. As a result, the destination tables will  
not report the new data as needing to be replicated.


On Apr 29, 2009, at 9:48 AM, Stevens.Lebas wrote:

> Hi Ben,
> That's ok,all replication is good. But i've question. I must replicate
> some database (multi master).
> Shall i install bucardo on each machine which have a database or not?
> Or can i add new sync in bucardo database on one machin (one database
> bucardo for all databases)?
> Can bucardo turn crazy? For example,i want two database was
> synchronized each other. I modify a value in first database,bucardo
> replicate it on the second,but so the second database update,replicate
> it on first,and first was updated so replicate it on second....
> Can you explain me the best choice to do?
> Thanks,
> Stevens

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