[Bucardo-general] Question re bucardo capabilities

Kurt Rudahl rudahl at rsgis.net
Thu Feb 18 03:53:19 UTC 2010

I have a DB synchronization need, and hope that bucardo
can fill it. I've never seen this in any DB books, but
it seems like it must be a frequent need in process control

The server is small, and running all the time. DB operations
are mostly INSERT. The slave is a larger machine, but not
running all the time.

The master only needs access to "recent" DB records, while the
slave needs all records (a delay is permissible, though).
For reasons of speed and disk space, it is desirable to purge
older records from the master butnot, of course, from the

To put this another way, I need to synchronize INSERT and UPDATE
but not DELETE operations. Ideally I would like to control this
on a per-table basis.

Does anyone have any idea whether bucardo can do this? I have no
experience (yet) with bucardo. Thanks

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