[Bucardo-general] fsm and vm files generated under $PGDATA/base

akp geek akpgeek at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 19:22:58 UTC 2010

I have to really agree with you. I really appreicate your time for
responding this. I am getting better knowledge on the bucardo and also on
postgres with all your support.

I will take your suggestions. I will put the
check_postgres.pl--action=bloatin our nagios and monitor it and take
necessary actions

again thanks for the help


On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 2:10 PM, Greg Sabino Mullane <greg at endpoint.com>wrote:

> >                    I have turned on the auto vacuum on the slave still
> >    for some reason the db is getting bloated up. The master size is only
> >    1G and the slave is at 9.2GB now. I did cluster on couple of tables
> >    also. did any one run into this situation? Can you please help?
> This is a little out of the purview of this list, but...
> * Existing bloat:
> You can use check_postgres.pl --action=bloat to see which tables are the
> most bloated, or simply start suspecting the largest ones by running:
> SELECT relname, pg_size_pretty(pg_total_relation_size(oid))
> FROM pg_class
> WHERE relkind = 'r'
> ORDER BY pg_total_relation_size(oid) DESC LIMIT 10;
> Once you find a suspect table, you can pg_relation_size('tablename')
> and pg_relation_size('indexname') to see how big the main table and
> indexes are. Try vacuuming them (or cluster) and see if they shrink.
> If the indexes are large, try REINDEX on them.
> * Future bloat:
> If you are doing fullcopy syncs, try the truncate mode versus the
> delete one for some long-term bloat savings.
> If the tables are filling up too quick, you can tell autovacuum to be
> more aggressive. The defaults in postgresql.conf are very conservative.
> In addition, you can adjust them per table with pg_autovacuum < 8.4,
> and ALTER TABLE .. SET in 8.4 and up. See:
> http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.4/static/sql-createtable.html
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