[Bucardo-general] adding a column

Bill McGonigle bill at bfccomputing.com
Mon Nov 1 21:59:24 UTC 2010

Hi, everybody,

We added a column to a table bucardo is replicating today and had an 
interesting find.  Figured I'd share for group knowledge and/or

We added the column to both databases (multi-master) and added data to 
the _left side.  At this point we did not see replication.

After a bit of experimentation, we did an UPDATE on the table to a 
different column, and then that value and the value in the new column 
replicated successfully.  Now, the replication succeeds with all 
UPDATE's, even on only the new column.

Based on this, after adding a column, doing:

   UPDATE foo_bar SET row_id=row_id;

seems like something we ought to add to our SOP for adding a column. 
I'm supposing that bucardo figures out the triggers aren't right on the 
new column and fixes that.  Sound right?   I see we have documentation 
for adding a table but I didn't see adding a column advice in the wiki. 
  I'd be happy to add it if this makes sense.


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