[Bucardo-general] Best practice for failover

Jörn Ott joern.ott at ott-consult.de
Tue Sep 28 14:18:46 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

I am currently investigating a replication scenario for a client. This
scenario involves two master servers (m1, m2) and n slaves (currently
only one, maybe 2 or 3 later on). The bucardo database is also hosted on m1.

At the moment, there is a swap sync between m1 and m2 and a pushdelta
between m1 and s1 and another one between m2 and s1. The whole setup is
done via a shell script I wrote, so all information is available outside
of the bucardo database as well.

As I found little information about failover scenarios (e.g. replicating
the bucardo database itself or not), I'd like to ask you for advice on
what to do, if a master node goes down.

If m2 goes down, most scenarios are clear, there is no impact, as the
bucardo database is on m1 and bucardo runs on m1 as well. When m2 comes
up again, it should catch up when I kick the sync(s).

If m2 goes down permanently, I'll remove all syncs, databases, herds on
it, set up a new m2 with the empty database structures (this is fast and
already working). Then I set up a new replication and afterwards I
a) either sync via bucardo doing a onetimecopy?
b) sync via pg_dump|psql?

What is the common procedure here? What are you doing?

It gets more complicated when m1 goes down. What happens to the
replication between m2 and the slaves while m1 is down? What happens
when m1 comes up again?

Does it make sense to replicate the bucardo database as well? Or should
I set it up via our scripts (done in a few seconds) to keep m2 and the
slaves in sync.

Thanks for your time


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