[Bucardo-general] All sync fail, if one target DB is not available

Rainer Brestan rainer.brestan at gmx.net
Wed Aug 3 10:17:48 UTC 2011

When there are several syncs with different target databases and one target database is not available, all syncs will fail after mcp_pingtime (at least for version 4.4.3).

MCP try every mcp_pingtime to reach all source and all target DBs.
This is in Bucardo.pm function mcp_main.
If it does not find all remote databases, it die.
If MCP is starting up again (after the mcp_dbproblem_sleep time), it try to connect to all source and target DB, function connect_database. If it cant connect, it dies again.
Therefore MCP is restarted endless until all databases are online again and no sync is working any more.
bucardo_ctl deactivate sync does also not work any more, because MCP is not responding to the NOTIFY event any more (it dies right after creation and cant catch the NOTIFY).

Is this a design mistake or is this planned for any reason ?

How to overcome this limitation ?
At least all remaining sync should stay active or being enabled at startup.
When MCP start, it want to contact all source and target DB for schema comparison, but there could be a retry for those sync, which are current not available.


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