[Bucardo-general] Version 4.4.2 released

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Thu Mar 17 20:57:29 UTC 2011

Version 4.4.2 of Bucardo has been released. This version is mostly 
bug fixes and small improvements to the 4.0 version. 
The changes since 4.4.0:

(GSM is Greg Sabino Mullane)

 - Fix incorrect SET TIME ZONE inside the bucardo_delta functions. [GSM]

 - Set the search_path to prevent bogus warnings on startup about sequence 
   mismatches based on schema names. [GSM] (Bug #17)

 - Fix failing makedelta when using multi-column primary keys. 
   [GSM, reported by Michelle Sullivan]

 - Fix for failing swap syncs when column is not all lowercase. [GSM]

 - Fix errors with bytea and swap syncs. [GSM]

 - Use clock_timestamp if Postgres version is 8.2 or better. (Bug #25)
   Thanks to David Christensen <david at endpoint.com> for digging in 
   and solving this.

 - Fix error in bind_param for target to source. [GSM]

 - Make sure we truly reset onetimecopy for persistent controllers and children. [GSM]

 - If in onetimecopy mode, always create a q entry, regardless of synctype. [GSM]

 - Rename the ENCODE call for bytea selects. [GSM]

 - Always make the source transaction serializable. [GSM]

 - Force time zone to GMT to resolve timestamptz issues with bucardo_delta
   [GSM, Michelle Sullivan]

 - Allow '2' as a valid sqlstate after exception thrown. [GSM]

 - Fix typo with 'lowest/highest' standard conflict methods. Caught by Don Drake.

 - Remove race condition from bucardo_purge_q_table() [GSM]

 - Make search_path declaration LOCAL in bucardo_audit() [GSM]

 - Fix bug in bucardo_purge_q_table in index detection logic. [Aolmezov]

 - Don't bother comparing the 'log_cnt' field of sequences. [Rosser Schwarz]

 - Do not perform a checktime kick if onetimecopy mode is on. [GSM]

 - Add quote() methods to safe list for DBIx::Safe call [GSM]

 - Add -vv option to bucardo_ctl as a shortcut for --verbose --verbose [GSM]

 - Don't allow kicking of inactive syncs. [GSM]

 - Relax SELECT version() regex in bucardo_ctl, to let modified versions 
   of Postgres tell us their version. [GSM]

 - Change DESTDIR to INSTALL_BASE in the makefile [GSM]

 - No need to look at anything but ONLY master_q for populate_child_q function. [GSM]

 - Automatically create the bucardo (superuser) if we can connect as 'postgres'. [GSM]

 - Allow 'bucardo_ctl status' to run even if piddir is not available. [GSM]

 - Allow "schema.table" format for bucardo_ctl list tables [GSM]

 - Show the database name when listing herds via bucardo_ctl. [GSM]

 - Show the database name when listing sequences via bucardo_ctl. [Douglas Tan]

 - Make sure we update bucardo_config.bucardo_current_version when doing 
   a bucardo_ctl upgrade [GSM] (Bug #5)

 - Add additional clause to the the q_cleanup index. [GSM]

 - Remove unused config variable 'upsert_attempts' [GSM]

 - Remove unused 'kick_sleep' config variable. [GSM]

 - Show additional version information on startup for debugging [GSM]

Complete list of changes:




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