[Bucardo-general] Swap replication latency

Joshua Tolley josh at endpoint.com
Wed May 4 14:59:56 UTC 2011

On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 10:46:22AM -0400, Alex Balashov wrote:
> I've had to shut down our replication indefinitely because the 
> bucardo_delta table got to 13.3 million rows, and none of them were 
> being cleared out even with a purge interval of 5 minutes.  I assume 
> that's because these were unprocessed deltas.
> The "run time" of the last good sync ballooned out to 45 hours.  This 
> is for a database of about ~1 GB with only 650,000 inserts, 3,510 
> updates and 81 deletes.

Yep, based on the "last good" value, certainly Bucardo was having problems
processing something. It most likely tried to synchronize, failed, tried
again, failed again, and so on. Generally you'll find the reason in bucardo's
logs, preceded by "Warning".

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