[Bucardo-general] lack of documentation: how the heck do things work?

Christian Recktenwald bucardo-contact at lihas.de
Wed Apr 18 12:16:55 UTC 2012

Hi Folks,

I've been running against walls fuer several days now.

Every single step I have to repeat five or ten times,
because the documentation is completely unsufficient
because it's highly inspecific. 
So all I can see are errors over errors.

An example:

My postgres 9.1.3 database is named "repltest".
There's a user "repltest" and a password "repltest".
Replication target would be test/test2/test2
Bucardo is 4.99.3 .

bucardo help add db
	Usage: add db <name> [optional information]
	Adds a database

	Optional information:
	 type=type of database (defaults to postgres. Others: drizzle,mongo,mysql,oracle,redis,sqlite)
	 db=name            (database name to connect to)

	bucardo add db repltest
	Cannot add database: must supply a database name to connect to

	bucardo add db db=repltest
	Cannot add database: must supply a database name to connect to

what is this?

ok, maybe I need two db names: the sql-databasee and the bucrado ab alias.
which is which? dunno...

	bucardo add db repltest db=buc_repltest
	Connection test failed. You may force add it with the --force argument.

other way round:
	bucardo add db buc_repltest db=repltest
	Added database "buc_repltest"

Nice, got that one
now, I intended to add all tables inside repltest.

one step back:
	bucardo delete db buc_repltest
	Removed database "buc_repltest"

now the right one:
	bucardo add db buc_repltest db=repltest addalltables
	Sorry, could not find a database named "repltest"
	The following databases are available:

And so on and so on. A constant pain in the ass.

So: what could be done about this? Am I the only one 
experiencing things that way?

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