[Bucardo-general] Bucardo Master - Master replication - Are Foreign Keys maintained?

Milan Boros /EvoChip/ milan.boros at evochip.hu
Thu Dec 6 11:08:56 UTC 2012

Hi All!


I am a system architect, working on a System Design Document. The System I
am planning will work on a PostgreSQL (Customer has a database on it


The system provide registration service, for marathon/triathlon events,
available via a webpage. Additionally the customer offer on-the-spot
registration service, next to the start line at the morning. Unfortunately
there are remote places where reliable internet service is not available, so
from time to time I'll need to run the databases paralell.


In general there is 1 single master database sitting in the server room,
serving the webpage. On the race's morning we are going to replicate the
main database to a laptop (with apache) and provide registration services


After the race I would like to replicate the offline laptop database back to
the main one. 

Unfortunately I have some tables, referencing each other with Primary Key -
Foreign Key links:


Table1.PrimaryKey -> Table2.ForeignKey

Table2.PrimaryKey -> Table3.ForeignKey


The primary keys are auto increment fields, so during replication (moving
data back to the main database) I can have the same Table1.PrimaryKey in
both database (Server room + laptop). 



-          Can Bucardo resolve this problem?

-          If yes, can it also take care about ForeignKey links?


Thank you!

Milan Boros

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