[Bucardo-general] Bucardo 5 install issue

Chris Keane chris.keane at zzgi.com
Fri Mar 9 22:39:58 UTC 2012

Hey there,

We're a long time, happy user of v4.x and we use it a LOT!

I made the decision to try out v5 and I'm following the directions at

I'm attempting to replicate between two postgres 9.1 databases, one 
local and one on a remote machine. I can connect to the remote machine 
without problems from the local machine using psql and certificates from 
our private CA.  Once I fire off bucardo, I don't see any errors but I 
also don't get any replication.
Specifically, here are the steps I'm following:

 1. bucardo install
 2. bucardo add db localbox dbname=mydb
 3. bucardo add db internetbox dbname=mydb dbport=5432
    dbhost=remote.host.com dbconn=sslmode=require
     1. (note, I've tried with and without the dbconn=sslmode=require)
 4. bucardo add table weird.table1 weird.table2 weird.table3
    weird.table4 herd=critical
     1. Note, after this step the tables are shown in goat, but only
        with db localbox. There is no mention of internetbox.
 5. bucardo add dbgroup replicationgroup localbox:source internetbox:source
 6. bucardo add sync mysync herd=critical dbs=replicationgroup
     1. Note, this appears to do lots of stuff. Triggers appear on
        tables, new tables appear in the bucardo schema on both databases
 7. bucardo start
 8. In log.bucardo I see messages saying MCP Connecting to database
    "localbox" (source) and MCP Connecting to database "internetbox"
    (source) and lots of other messages, none of which specifically
    indicate something is wrong.
     1. The only "suspicious" thing is that I get messages saying
        Inspecting source table "weird.table1" on database "localbox"
        but I never see the same message for "internetbox"
     2. After inspections, I get Activating sync "critical" in fact, all
        looks fantastic... except for the fact that no replication is
     3. I look in the bucardo.delta_weird_table1 table after an update
        to table1, and there are appropriate rows there. It just seems
        that nothing happens after that.

Any guidance as to what I missed or did wrong would be very appreciated!


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