[Bucardo-general] Confused about multi-master configuration

Andrey Solovjov solovjov at mcn.ru
Fri May 11 13:43:56 UTC 2012

I am trying to test Bucardo 5 in multi-master mode (latest git version 
I have main node (db called "master") and additional node (db called 
"ast1") on different server.
I have two tables sipdevices and sipregs.
sipdevices has only only one source on main node
sipregs can be updated from any node.
sipregs also has contraint "name_constr" FOREIGN KEY (name) REFERENCES 
but this contraint shouldn't be a problem
So I setup sipregs replication as master-master by adding sync where 
"master" and "ast1" are both sources.
I have the following configuration:

-- dbgroups:
Database group: sipdevices_ast1_repl  Members: ast1:target master:source
Database group: sipregs_repl          Members: ast1:source master:source
-- databases:
Database: ast1    Status: active  Conn: psql -p 5432 -U bucardo -d 
voipdb_ast1 -h
Database: master  Status: active  Conn: psql -p 5432 -U bucardo -d voipdb
-- herds:
Herd: sipdevices_herd  DB: master  Members: public.sipdevices
   Used in syncs: sipdevices_ast1_repl
Herd: sipregs_herd     DB: master  Members: public.sipregs
   Used in syncs: sipregs_repl
-- syncs:
Sync: sipdevices_ast1_repl  Herd: sipdevices_herd [Active]
   DB group sipdevices_ast1_repl: ast1 (target) master (source)
Sync: sipregs_repl          Herd: sipregs_herd    [Active]
   DB group sipregs_repl: ast1 (source) master (source)
-- tables:
1. Table: public.sipdevices  DB: master  PK: id (int4)  Syncs: 
3. Table: public.sipregs     DB: master  PK: id (int4)  Syncs: sipregs_repl
-- sequences:
Sequence: public.sipdevices_id_seq  DB: master
Sequence: public.sipregs_id_seq     DB: master

master -> ast1 replication works as expected
I try to UPDATE table sipregs on ast1 and this update is not replicated 
to master (there is also nothing in logs).
I see Bucardo has successfully added all triggers for tables sipregs on 
ast1 and if I kick sipregs_repl sync manually the update is replicated.
I am confused maybe bucardo should be installed on second server?
Or what else should I pay attention to?

Best regards, Andrew.

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