[Bucardo-general] Confused about multi-master configuration

Andrey Solovjov solovjov at mcn.ru
Sat May 12 11:58:09 UTC 2012

I am trying to investigate this and enabled debug log on postgres
I see that bucardo is connected to remote DB but pgsql doesn't send 
NOTIFY events (seems that bucardo doesn't start LISTENing ?)
It does some stuff on the remote db when starts but it there is no 
LISTEN statement which I can see in the log files on the local server.

Should bucardo LISTEN for notifies on a remote db?

Best regards, Andrew.

11.05.2012 17:43, Andrey Solovjov написал:
> Hello
> I am trying to test Bucardo 5 in multi-master mode (latest git version 
> 4.99.4).
> I have main node (db called "master") and additional node (db called 
> "ast1") on different server.
> I have two tables sipdevices and sipregs.
> sipdevices has only only one source on main node
> sipregs can be updated from any node.
> sipregs also has contraint "name_constr" FOREIGN KEY (name) REFERENCES 
> but this contraint shouldn't be a problem
> So I setup sipregs replication as master-master by adding sync where 
> "master" and "ast1" are both sources.
> I have the following configuration:
> -- dbgroups:
> Database group: sipdevices_ast1_repl Members: ast1:target master:source
> Database group: sipregs_repl Members: ast1:source master:source
> -- databases:
> Database: ast1 Status: active Conn: psql -p 5432 -U bucardo -d 
> voipdb_ast1 -h
> Database: master Status: active Conn: psql -p 5432 -U bucardo -d voipdb
> -- herds:
> Herd: sipdevices_herd DB: master Members: public.sipdevices
> Used in syncs: sipdevices_ast1_repl
> Herd: sipregs_herd DB: master Members: public.sipregs
> Used in syncs: sipregs_repl
> -- syncs:
> Sync: sipdevices_ast1_repl Herd: sipdevices_herd [Active]
> DB group sipdevices_ast1_repl: ast1 (target) master (source)
> Sync: sipregs_repl Herd: sipregs_herd [Active]
> DB group sipregs_repl: ast1 (source) master (source)
> -- tables:
> 1. Table: public.sipdevices DB: master PK: id (int4) Syncs: 
> sipdevices_ast1_repl
> 3. Table: public.sipregs DB: master PK: id (int4) Syncs: sipregs_repl
> -- sequences:
> Sequence: public.sipdevices_id_seq DB: master
> Sequence: public.sipregs_id_seq DB: master
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> master -> ast1 replication works as expected
> I try to UPDATE table sipregs on ast1 and this update is not 
> replicated to master (there is also nothing in logs).
> I see Bucardo has successfully added all triggers for tables sipregs 
> on ast1 and if I kick sipregs_repl sync manually the update is 
> replicated.
> I am confused maybe bucardo should be installed on second server?
> Or what else should I pay attention to?
> Best regards, Andrew.
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