[Bucardo-general] Failed tests during build

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at anastrophe.com
Tue Aug 6 06:14:10 UTC 2013

As it turns out, Greg is on vacation, so he recommended I post to the 
list, maybe someone else has a clue.

Here's a link to several consecutive  'make test' runs. Seems to be 
somewhat different each time.


I get similar errors whether bucardo is already running or not.

Debian Squeeze
postgresql 8.4
perl v5.10.1

On 7/29/2013 14:21, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
> On 7/27/13 7:26 PM, Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
>> On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 07:58:16PM +0200, David E. Wheeler wrote:
>>>> What level of concern should I have about the following make test 
>>>> output?
>>> Not much; I suspect if you run the tests again, they will pass. 
>>> Looks like something got hung from a previous run.
>>> Of course, I might be wrong…
>> Well, if they don't pass the second time, there is a big problem. If 
>> they
>> do, it's a minor problem. But either way, something that needs to
>> be fixed in the Bucardo tests.
> Dumb question: Is 'make test' only useful to run on a machine that 
> does not have bucardo installed? Because I get different errors pretty 
> much each time i run 'make test' on this server which has an existing 
> running bucardo installation.
> I can post the logs somewhere if interested, rather than clogging up 
> the list with them.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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