[Bucardo-general] Question related to older thread

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at anastrophe.com
Thu Aug 8 23:13:25 UTC 2013

I wasn't on the list back when the thread I'm quoting from was active, 
so I don't believe there's any way to continue that thread. That said, 
quoting from the thread:

Mitchell Perilstein wrote:

> Again, not saying it's right, but it's roughly something like this.
> Names changed, error checks not shown, repeated for a number of tables
> and databases, etc..
>       bucardo add database    source_xx host=tplocalvirt user=myuser
> db=xx dbport=5432
>       bucardo add database    --force target_xx host=mypeerhost
> user=myuser db=xx dbport=5432
>       bucardo add table       $ALLMYTABLES db=source_xx herd=xxherd
>       bucardo add dbgroup     xxgroup source_xx:source target_xx:target
>       bucardo start           --log-destination=syslog -no-exit-on-nosync
>       bucardo add sync        xx_sync herd=xxherd
> conflict_strategy=latest onetimecopy=1 dbs=xxgroup
>       bucardo set syslog_facility=local6
>       bucardo set mcp_dbproblem_sleep=0.5
>       bucardo set isolation_level='read uncommitted'
>       bucardo set statement_chunk_size=1000
>       bucardo activate sync   xx_sync
I'm attempting to set up a bidirectional/criss-cross multimaster setup, and I'm failing rather spectacularly.  One thing that my script does is - after
all the syncs are set up - and the one-time-copy is ostensibly finished (still working on eliminating 'ostensibly') - I then modify the
dbgroups to have both sides be 'source' - which is my understanding of what makes the setup master-master.

But when doing a criss-cross multimaster - do you retain the 'source target' designation? So both really *are* masters, but they treat the other as a slave?
Every time I try and fire up the remote server's bucardo with source/source, all hell breaks loose, and the syncs go "Bad".

Paul Theodoropoulos

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