[Bucardo-general] Can bucardo do this?

eric machine eric.machine at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 21 01:19:28 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,
Need some help here.
I am currently looking at rubyreps but having lots of issues with them.
I wonder whether bucardo can be the replacement for rubyreps.
Let's say I have this
HQ Branch1
Both have the same table schemas from the start
Branch --> HQHQ --X--> Branch
Basically branch can only sync to HQ, not the other way around
If I sync, can I exclude any tables or even specific conditions per table?
The problem with rubyreps, some tables have table constraints will cause issue. I hope bucardo will work better though.
Is bucardo suitable for my case?
I really hope the latest 4.99.7 is stable use for production.
Any help? Thanks. 		 	   		  
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