[Bucardo-general] Validate_sync error while adding new sync

Csaba Simon simocsab at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 18:08:39 UTC 2013


I use Bucardo version 4.99.6 and I would like to add syncs to the
configuration, I use the same configuration in another server environment
and it works.

I add dbs, dbgroups, tables, customnames, relgroups succesfully with the
next commands:

--add dbs
bucardo --dbhost add db b2infra_test dbname=b2infra_test
bucardo --dbhost add db b2kma_test dbname=b2kma_test
bucardo --dbhost add db b2sug_test dbname=b2sug_test
bucardo --dbhost add db b2tig_test dbname=b2tig_test

--add db groups
bucardo --dbhost add dbgroup dbgroup_b2infra_b2kma
b2infra_test:source b2kma_test:target
bucardo --dbhost add dbgroup dbgroup_b2infra_b2sug
b2infra_test:source b2sug_test:target
bucardo --dbhost add dbgroup dbgroup_b2infra_b2tig
b2infra_test:source b2tig_test:target

--add tables
bucardo --dbhost add table b2infra.felhasznalo
bucardo --dbhost add table b2infra.modul db=b2infra_test
bucardo --dbhost add table b2infra.szemely db=b2infra_test
bucardo --dbhost add table b2infra.telephely db=b2infra_test
bucardo --dbhost add table b2infra.rendszerparameter

--add customnames
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.felhasznalo
b2kma.felhasznalo db=b2kma_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.felhasznalo
b2sug.felhasznalo db=b2sug_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.felhasznalo
b2tig.felhasznalo db=b2tig_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.modul b2kma.modul
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.modul b2sug.modul
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.modul b2tig.modul
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.szemely
b2kma.szemely db=b2kma_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.szemely
b2sug.szemely db=b2sug_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.szemely
b2tig.szemely db=b2tig_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.telephely
b2kma.telephely db=b2kma_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.telephely
b2sug.telephely db=b2sug_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.telephely
b2tig.telephely db=b2tig_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.rendszerparameter
b2kma.rendszerparameter db=b2kma_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.rendszerparameter
b2sug.rendszerparameter db=b2sug_test
bucardo --dbhost add customname b2infra.rendszerparameter
b2tig.rendszerparameter db=b2tig_test

--add relgroups
bucardo --dbhost add relgroup relgroup_b2infra
b2infra.felhasznalo b2infra.modul b2infra.szemely b2infra.telephely

Then I want to add a new sync like this:

bucardo --dbhost add sync sync_b2infra_b2kma
dbs=dbgroup_b2infra_b2kma relgroup=relgroup_b2infra

I get the following error:

NOTICE:  Issuing rollback() due to DESTROY without explicit disconnect() of
DBD::Pg::db handle dbname=b2infra_test;host= at line 432.

CONTEXT:  SQL statement "SELECT validate_sync('sync_b2infra_b2kma')"
Failed to add sync: DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  error from Perl
function "validate_sync": error from Perl function "validate_sync":
DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  null value in column "targetdb"
violates not-null constraint at line 432. at line 30. at
/usr/local/bin/bucardo line 3865.

Please, help me!

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