[Bucardo-general] Is there a way to reduce the load (IOs) on master with bucardo

Raphael Nadeau rnadeau at eocycle.com
Tue Feb 19 15:11:52 UTC 2013


I have a simple setup (master-slave) with bucardo 4.4.0-1 (from debian
apt).  I am planning on moving the server to 4.5, but because this is a
production server, I am reluctant to do this as everything is running fine
right now.

Well, fine except the very high "IOs" load when bucardo is running.

I am running my master on a Linode Vps, and when I stop bucardo for a
while, the average "IO" load is around 0-200 IO/s.  But when it is running,
I get an average between 3000-5000 IO/s.

By the way, I do not mind having my slave "out of sync" for a few minutes
if this can reduce the stress on the master.

Also, to tell a little bit more about my data, every 30 minutes or so, I am
putting about 3000-4000 new lines of data in about 5 tables in my
databases.  Every tables are synced in the same "bucardo sync/herd".

I do not know if what I am asking is possible, or maybe even solved in a
newer version, but I hope someone can give me a little bit of information
on this subject.  Bucardo is stressing the system just too much.

Thank you for you help

Best Regards,


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