[Bucardo-general] Server dies and causes restart..

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Tue Jul 30 13:41:51 UTC 2013

Ok a little problem to consider, and hopefully the answer is in a config

I have many slave servers with a subset of data, and a central hub where
all the data is critical to stay in sync.

Currently if one of the outlying servers goes away/restarts etc..
Bucardo 4 is restarted and all syncs are restarted with it... even
though there is nothing wrong with the central DBs syncs...  Can this be

I'm about to move to Bucardo 5 where the central hub consists of 4
highly available DBs that need to stay in multi-master sync at all
times... the outlying servers will then be connected and will get the
subset of tables again... Its critical that the 4 servers stay in sync
at all times... If one of the outlying slaves dies, the others should
stay in sync (but don't necessarily need to)... but certainly they
should not restart bucardo as a whole thereby stopping the central hub....

Solutions?  Multiple bucardo processes for different syncs? (wouldn't
this require separate bucardo configs for each of the sync processes?)

Thanks in advance..

Michelle Sullivan

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