[Bucardo-general] Sync stopped due to ERROR: could not serialize access due to concurrent update

Rosser Schwarz rosser.schwarz at gmail.com
Wed May 8 17:44:26 UTC 2013

jbk <jbk at presentec.de> wrote:

> ...could not serialize access due to concurrent update...

> Any idea?

This is a noise warning. Bucardo will simply retry until the row(s) in
question have successfully been replicated.

4.4.0 is pretty old — around four years old at this point, I think. If you
need to stay on the 4.x branch, you should try to upgrade to 4.5.0.

If possible, however, you might want to consider upgrading to 4.99.7, the
current beta release of Bucardo 5, which offers significant performance and
functionality improvements. A number of people are running it successfully
in their production environments right now; it's mostly still considered
"beta" only because of outstanding functionality TODOs, IIRC.


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