[Bucardo-general] Monitoring Stats / bucardo_rrd

Mike Tonks michael.tonks at headforwards.com
Fri May 17 09:22:10 UTC 2013

Thanks for the reply.  I will dig further.

I wonder if some of this logic should live in bucardo core, i.e. show 
extra stats with 'bucardo status' or 'bucardo status --verbose' or 

That way a cactus / nagios / munin plugin etc could jut call bucardo 
status and parse the results.

Also, when looking into pulling rolling throughput calues from 
bucardo.synrun I see what I think is an bug:

Insert a row (3 nodes), inserts: 3 (OK)

Delete a row (3 nodes), deletes: 3, inserts: 3 (NOT OK?)

Why is it reporting inserts for a delete action?

I have created a test script for this:


which currently fails as it expects inserts to be 0 in above scenario.

Can anyone confirm my findings / put me straight here?



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