[Bucardo-general] bucardo replication not happening

Himanshu Chaudhary himanshu119.iitkgp at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 16:43:53 UTC 2014


So here is my set up.

- Source database is database_A in AWS RDS postgresql 9.3.5
- target database is database_A in postgresql 9.3 in ec2 (say ec2_A)
- bucardo 5.2.0  in  ec2_A
- bucardo installed in bucardo database in postgresql 9.3 in ec2_A with
bucardo role as the owner of it and bucardo also being the super user in
postgresql 9.3 in ec2_A
- following commands successfully executed on ec2_A :-

* bucardo add db dbprod host=$rds_host user=bucardo pass=bucardo
* bucardo add db dblocal dbname=database_A
* bucardo add table some_schema.foo relgroup=test_grp db=dbprod
* bucardo add sync test_sync relgroup=test_grp dbs=dblocal

some_schema.foo table exists in schema some_schema in database_A in AWS RDS.
I manually created database_A, some_schema and some_schema.foo table in
database_A in ec2_A as bucardo superuser.

and then when I start bucardo as bucardo start and insert rows in AWS RDS
in some_schema.foo, nothing replicates in some_schema.foo in database_A in

I do bucardo status test_sync and get

ubuntu at ip-172-31-0-155:/var/log/bucardo$ bucardo status

Last good                : Dec 05, 2014 15:44:41 (time to run: 1s)
Rows deleted/inserted    : 0 / 0
Sync name                : test_sync
Current state            : Good
Source relgroup/database : test_grp / dbprod
Tables in sync           : 1
Status                   : Active
Check time               : None
Overdue time             : 00:00:00
Expired time             : 00:00:00
Stayalive/Kidsalive      : Yes / Yes
Rebuild index            : No
Autokick                 : Yes
Onetimecopy              : No
Post-copy analyze        : Yes
Last error:              :

I do not see any error in bucardo log. I have manually created bucardo role
in AWS RDS db and granted it replication role ( rolreplication is true in
pg_roles for bucardo role) and also all permissions on schema some_schema

I am at loss off ideas for now with respect to what is wrong.
Any help will be very much appreciated.

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