[Bucardo-general] Anyone monitoring bucardo?

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at anastrophe.com
Wed Jul 16 17:22:26 UTC 2014

Wow. Holy Mackerel!

Well, we do run nagios, though I avoid it like the plague.  But perhaps 
I can grok from this some ideas how to make my own novel tests from 
within Monit.

Thanks. :)

On 7/14/14 12:10 PM, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
> Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
>> I'm currently monitoring bucardo using Monit - but only the most
>> basic, checking PID. I've found on a couple of occasions that bucardo
>> will have hit a wonky streak, and stopped running a sync, which the
>> simple PID checking is incapable of recognizing as an issue.
>> Is anyone else monitoring bucardo with Monit?
> I am not.
>> Do you have a novel way of checking to see if all is awesome in
>> bucardo-land, and alerting if not?
> Define novel ;-) ...  Here's my Nagios check function:
> http://flashback.sorbs.net/packages/check_bucardo_repl.pl.txt
> The simplest way to do it is add a table 'bucardocheck' to the sync you
> want to monitor (table name is definable) with columns of pk (INT) and
> ts (TIMESTAMPZ) than then define the command in nagios with the relevant
> params..  (see help).. if you're doing multimaster set a different pk
> row for each master or you'll get continual conflict checking (which is
> ok, but it slows stuff down and screws with the lag calculation)
> Regards,
> Michelle
>> Here's my dirt-simple monit config as an example --
>> check process bucardo with pidfile /var/run/bucardo/bucardo.mcp.pid
>> start program = "/etc/init.d/bucardo start"
>> stop program = "/etc/init.d/bucardo stop"
>> alert paul at anastrophe.com on { pid exec nonexist status } with
>> reminder on 5 cycle
>> if 3 restarts within 4 cycles then alert
>> -- 
>> Paul Theodoropoulos
>> www.anastrophe.com
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Paul Theodoropoulos

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