[Bucardo-general] One Way Syncs

Balman, Matthew D. (GSFC-428.0)[Embedded Flight Systems, Inc] matthew.d.balman at nasa.gov
Thu Mar 6 17:09:59 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I’m evaluating the new Bucardo for postgresql replication and I would like to force it to replicate only one way, from source to target.
I’m using v4.99.10 (currently).

I see that when setting up the sync there is an option of “conflict_strategy” that I can set to “bucardo_source” which seems to be what I want.

The question I have is that when specifying Dbs I don’t appear to be able to set them as “source=“ and “target=“ but as a list (“dbs=db1,db2”).

With the v4.99.10 version of Bucardo how can I reliably specify the source and target dbs?


Matthew Balman
Software Engineer
Embedded Flight Systems, Inc.
Matthew.D.Balman at NASA.gov
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