[Bucardo-general] Migrating to Amazon Postgres RDS

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Thu Mar 6 18:54:18 UTC 2014

On Wed, Mar 05, 2014 at 08:14:04AM -0800, Chris Keane wrote:
> I've asked the fine folks at Amazon to either
> (a) allow role rds_superuser to issue the SET session_replication_mode
> command; or
> (b) create a function with SECURITY DEFINER as a superuser that would SET
> session_replication_mode.
> Are there any other options. Any way you can think of to disable triggers
> for a single session without session_replication_mode?

No. You need session_replication_role, or you need to alter the system 
tables. Both need superuser access. The only way around is to use 
security definer, as you indicated above. You want to avoid modifying 
pg_class if at all possible. That way was ugly. :)

I don't think there is anything else offhand that needs superuser 
privs, but if you get (a) or (b) above, I'm sure you will be able 
to find out quick. :)

If they go with (b) we can modify Bucardo to conditionally call the function 
rather than the set.

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
End Point Corporation
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