[Bucardo-general] PostgreSQL/Bucardo Sequences

Adeyinka adeyinka at zuida.biz
Sun Nov 9 15:23:43 UTC 2014

Thanks Michelle for your very prompt response. 

I do have a fairly good understanding of the expected result. I have been able to implement this quite easily in MySQL using auto increment offset.
You see, my role is mostly that of architecture design; but I often find myself in situations like this when I have to get my hands dirty.

What I am actually in need of, are the commands/queries to accomplish this in PostgreSQL. The servers in question are already in production and are populated with data.

Thanks again for your help.


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Adeyinka wrote:
> Hi All,
> My intention is to use Bucardo in a multi-master setup, with the two masters connected over a flapping WAN link.
> Both master servers are being updated simultaneously.
> I have searched the internet for days without success, trying to find directions on how exactly to modify sequence increments on the two servers. The databases on these two servers are already populated. The PostgreSQL documentation is quite vague to me.
> Can someone provide detailed instructions on how to go about this? 
> I am running PostgreSQL 9.1 on Ubuntu Server 12.04 64bit. 

Very simply:

Don't replicate the sequences, then set the sequences to odds on one
server and evens on the other with an increment of 2 on both (so that
they stay either odds or evens) ... if you're running more than 2
masters, similar applies, just make the increment appropriate .. eg you
could set an increment of 10 and have every server a base number which
is uniq in 0-9 ... giving upto 10 servers.


Michelle Sullivan

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