[Bucardo-general] how to add/remove a table or a sequence when the schema contains a dash '-'

David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Fri Apr 17 18:12:40 UTC 2015

> Is there a way to add/remove table or sequence when the schema contains a dash. I tried using quotation marks but I do not manage to make it work.

Hi Sylvain.  I’ve pushed a commit which should fix this behavior (or you can just make the following change to the /usr/bin/bucardo program):

diff --git a/bucardo b/bucardo
index 39a4c76..6a3858f 100755
--- a/bucardo
+++ b/bucardo
@@ -5051,7 +5051,7 @@ sub add_items_to_goat_table {
     for my $rel (sort { $a->{name} cmp $b->{name} } @$info) {
         # XXX Is it safe to assume UTF8 encoding here? Probably not
         my $name = $rel->{name};
-        if ($name !~ /^([\w ]+)\.([\w ]+)$/o) {
+        if ($name !~ /^([-\w ]+)\.([-\w ]+)$/o) {
             die qq{Invalid name, got "$name", but expected format "schema.relname"};
         my ($schema,$table) = ($1,$2);


David Christensen
End Point Corporation
david at endpoint.com

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