[Bucardo-general] Merging two datasets

Federico Fanton federico at panizzolo.it
Tue Jul 21 09:31:22 UTC 2015

Hi everyone!

A bit of backstory: we used to have a single Postgresql db that we had 
to duplicate when we opened a new office. So at that moment there were 
two indipendent dbs with perfectly identical data. Over time, records 
where modified/deleted/added to each db, indipendently.

Now we need to merge those datasets back again and keep them in sync, so 
I'm setting up Bucardo to handle the job. My problem is that I need to 
replicate the changes that were made since the split too, is there a way 
to do that with Bucardo?

Here's what I did up to now:

- ALTERed all the sequences in the odd/even way

- Compared one of the dbs to the original data dump (before the split) 
to find out which new PKs were added in the meantime, and updated them 
to ensure there won't be conflicts with the other DB during the merge

- Installed and configured Bucardo

To summarise: I have two dbs "ready for merging" (I think), is there a 
way to make Bucardo replicate the changes between them?

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