[Bucardo-general] How to make syncs active when one of the node is down

sym39 marechal.sylvain2 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 10:20:23 UTC 2015

Hello all,

We like to use bucardo to enhance the databases scalability : We 
currently have 2 machines M1, M2 in multi master mode (defined both as 
'source' databases), and we plan to add other nodes S3, S4 ... that 
would be never writable (they would be defined as 'target' databases).

Some tests show that is that if one of the S3, S4 machine goes down, 
this blocks the replication on all machines.

Is it a way that a sync continues to be active even if one referenced 
machine is down? The same problem is related in some old posts, so I 
fear it is a well known problem.

Note: We were thinking of creating syncs per couple of machines, but 
this tends to complexify our architecture, and we fear the scalability 
won't be linear with machine addition, because creating lots of syncs 
means more work for bucardo (lots of triggers) and lots of postgres 
connections. Is there something 'simpler' we could do with bucardo to be 
able to support "down" nodes ?

Additional question:
Is it possible to use a dedicated pgbouncer with bucardo that will only 
be used by bucardo. This may reduce the number of postgres instances.

Thanks and regards,

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