[Bucardo-general] Synch Types

Balman, Matthew D. (GSFC-428.0)[Embedded Flight Systems, Inc] matthew.d.balman at nasa.gov
Fri Mar 13 15:36:03 UTC 2015

(Bucardo 5.3.0)

I have a status table that is always updated every 5 second and is synched by bucardo.
The destination db was not running for some period and the bucardo synch table kept growing in size and eventually filled up my /var partition.
Is there a synch mode that only keeps track of the latest changes?

In short:
If I have inserted/updated rows which are then deleted or overwritten later, I only care about synching the latest state of the table, not all the historical states.
Hopefully this would keep my bucardo tables from constantly growing in size on the file system.
In my case this is master-slave replication.

Can I do this with Bucardo?

P.s. it’s great to see new documentation. I suspect we need an entirely new v5 section.

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