[Bucardo-general] Bucardo-general Digest, Vol 106, Issue 5

Balman, Matthew D. (GSFC-428.0)[Embedded Flight Systems, Inc] matthew.d.balman at nasa.gov
Tue Aug 30 12:18:36 UTC 2016

>Am I missing something?

What bucardo version are you using?
Please post the setup commands and output.
What versions of the database(s) are you using?

I haven¹t done what you¹re doing, but this seems like the setup itself
didn¹t complete properly and hopefully there is an error message point to
what went wrong.
Either that or you have a permissions issue.
For these kinds of things it can be helpful to try this with very
privileged database and local user to see if the problem goes away and
then reduce permissions.

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