[Bucardo-general] sync a table that differs between two masters

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at anastrophe.com
Mon Jan 25 22:27:37 UTC 2016

Having a discussion with some devs, concerning a bucardo sync that's not 
'behaving'. We have a master-master setup, with one environment - call 
it "Y", which is the normally 'active' environment, and environment "Z" 
being where we fail over to if the Y environment is unavailable/down etc.

While working on a new inititiative, the developers created a new table, 
we'll call it 'cards', in environment Z, while building out the new 
service. We are now migrating that server/service back to our "Y" 
environment, to conform to our desired active/passive architecture. So 
the 'cards' table is desired in both Y and Z, synced.

The devs created the table in Y, populated it with the records from Z 
(by hand), then added it to bucardo and brought the sync online. 
However, adding or changing records in the table on Y is not reflected 
on Z - bucardo simply says there are no conflicts and moves on.

I maintain that bucardo has no way of knowing which records between the 
two systems are the 'right' records, because there was no fundamental 
starting point, with the Y server having a canonical understanding of 
the table and its state. I believe that completely removing and 
recreating the empty table in Z will get the sync working properly.

Is that correct?

Paul Theodoropoulos

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