[Bucardo-general] Invalid log level

Carmine Manganiello Carmine.Manganiello at Yardi.Com
Mon Jun 6 13:44:56 UTC 2016

Hi Greg,

I applied the patch:

./bucardo start
Checking for existing processes
Invalid log_level! (INFO)

It says the log_level should be normal in the show all command .
log_level                 = normal



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> -bash-4.1$ bucardo start
> Checking for existing processes
> Invalid log_level!
> -bash-4.1$ bucardo show log_level
> log_level = normal

That is odd. Perhaps try applying this patch to see what it thinks the level it is that is being rejected?:

diff --git a/Bucardo.pm b/Bucardo.pm
index 1f8870e..a2a6846 100644
--- a/Bucardo.pm
+++ b/Bucardo.pm
@@ -5821,7 +5821,7 @@ sub reload_config_database {
         if ($row->{name} eq 'log_level') {
             my $newvalue = $log_level_number{uc $setting};
             if (! defined $newvalue) {
-                die "Invalid log_level!\n";
+                die "Invalid log_level! ($setting)\n";
             $config{log_level_number} = $newvalue;

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