[Bucardo-general] Invalid log level

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Mon Jun 6 14:17:37 UTC 2016

> ./bucardo start
> Checking for existing processes
> Invalid log_level! (INFO)

Well, that is interesting. We don't use INFO at all - that's a Postgres thing. 
It must be getting set from somewhere: the main culprits are the bucardo_config 
table and the .bucardorc file. When you startup Bucardo, the log file will have 
a section starting with "MCP Bucardo config:". Go down a few lines and look 
for log_level and see what it is set at there. Also check the bucardorc files: 
Bucardo will first look for a .bucardorc file in the current direectory, then 
for $ENV{HOME}/.bucardorc, then /etc/bucardorc. See if there is an errant 
log_level = INFO inside any of those.

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