[Bucardo-general] Bucardo-general Digest, Vol 107, Issue 1

Balman, Matthew D. (GSFC-428.0)[Embedded Flight Systems, Inc] matthew.d.balman at nasa.gov
Mon Sep 12 13:31:35 UTC 2016

Hi Saiful,

>$ bucardo add db bcrdrds1 dbname=bucardotest username=bucardo host=
>xxxxxx.master.rds.amazonaws.com port=5432
>$ bucardo add db bcrdrds2 dbname=bucardotest
>$ bucardo add table tb_department db=bcrdrds1 --herd=bcrdherd --verbose
>$ bucardo add dbgroup bcrdgroup1 bcrdrds1:source bcrdrds2:target
>?$ bucardo add sync bcrdsync herd=bcrdherd dbs=bcrdgroup1

1. You need to run ³add db² for each database with full
username/password/host information (like you did for bcrdrds1)
2. You need to run ³add table² for each database.
3. I suggest this: "bucardo add sync bcrdsync relgroup=bcrdherd
dbs=bcrdgroup1:source,bcrdrds2:target² (and then don¹t call ³add dbgroup²)

Also make sure the perl bindings (and all other bucardo dependencies) for
postgres are installed on each database VM, not just the main machine.

Hope that helps.

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