[Bucardo-general] How does bucardo administrate autoincrement values ?

Hiram Walker hiramwalker at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 16:00:33 UTC 2017

Hi Greg,

I have two server with bucarso working fines (status good), so I have a
table with an id (autoingrement) and a text column.

When I insert data in columntext on server 1 --> perfect

but when I insert data in server 2

insert into (table) values('text data');

The first time I run the insert statement it Fail, the error mesagge said:

ERROR: duplicated key
DETAIL:  Key al ready exist (id)=(219).
SQL state: 23505

but when I run the same query again, the insert statement Works fine.

How can I tell bucardo that I have a column With Autoincrement value?


Hiram Walker O.
+569 6582 4408
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