[Bucardo-general] Bucardo sync cause could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer

Alexis Arnal aarnal at corcaribe.com
Fri May 26 22:32:26 UTC 2017

Hello, I hope you are very well. I am Alexis Arnal

I have been working with Bucardo in a test environment consisting of 3
servers in AWS: HostA <---> Bucardo <---> HostB

The HostA and HostB have a postgres with a database called "aa" and the
Bucardo machine has the database bucardo and the bucardo server

I tested with a Master-Master replica with few records and it worked very

Then I tried to do a COPY of about 18millions of records and Bucardo began
to display the following information in the Log in a repetitive way:

(25903) [Fri May 26 22:08:59 2017] KID (aa_sync) Delta count for
name_01.public.personas : 18903143
(23975) [Fri May 26 22:09:46 2017] CTL Warning: Kid 25903 is not
responding, will respawn
(23975) [Fri May 26 22:09:46 2017] CTL Old syncrun entry removed during
resurrection, start time was 2017-05-26 22:08:45.080635+00

My bucardo status now is:

bucardo at bucardo:~$ bucardo status all
Sync name : aa_sync
Current state : Begin txn (KID 23979)
Source relgroup/database : aa_relgroup / name_01
Tables in sync : 1
Status : Active
Check time : None
Overdue time : 00:00:00
Expired time : 00:00:00
Stayalive/Kidsalive : Yes / Yes
Rebuild index : No
Autokick : Yes
Onetimecopy : No
Post-copy analyze : Yes
Last error: :

My bucardo list is:

bucardo at bucardo:~$ bucardo list all
-- dbgroups:
dbgroup: aa_dbgroup Members: name_01:source name_02:source
-- databases:
Database: name_01 Status: active Conn: psql -U dbadmin -d aa -h hostA
Database: name_02 Status: active Conn: psql -U dbadmin -d aa -h hostB
-- relgroup:
Relgroup: aa_relgroup DB: name_01 Members: public.personas
Used in syncs: aa_sync
-- syncs:
Sync "aa_sync" Relgroup "aa_relgroup" [Active]
DB group "aa_dbgroup" name_01:source name_02:source
-- tables:
2. Table: public.personas DB: name_01 PK: cedula (integer)
-- sequences:
There are no sequences

The logs of postgres HostA and HostB are:

2017-05-26 22:11:45.575 UTC [5858] dbadmin at aa LOG: could not receive data
from client: Connection reset by peer
2017-05-26 22:11:45.575 UTC [5858] dbadmin at aa LOG: unexpected EOF on client
connection with an open transaction

I stopped postgres and bucardo several times, I deleted the
synchronization, I added the synchronization again and it does not work.
This is the fourth time I reinstall bucardo from Zero

Can you give me some idea about the problem? I have reviewed the mailing
list and I have seen several similar cases but I have not seen them publish
any solution that can help me to solve this problem

Thank you for your time, I will continue to test and investigate


*Ing**. Alexis Arnal*
aarnal at corcaribe.com

*Por favor, antes de imprimir este mensaje, asegúrate de que es necesario.
Ayudemos a cuidar el medio ambiente.*
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