[Bucardo-general] BUCARDO and BDR

Mauricio Tassara mtassara at jusrionegro.gov.ar
Mon Apr 1 15:09:39 UTC 2019

Good Morning,

First, apologies for my English.

We are starting to use Bucardo with the intention of replacing the replication tool we currently use: BDR 1.0.3, developed by 2ndQuadrant to be used with PostgreSQL 9.4 (the BDR-patched version of it).

However, our implementation will be gradual, having to coexist for a while with both tools (BUCARDO and BDR) until we can work only with BUCARDO.

Did you have experience using Bucardo on a database with BDR installed on it?

Any important question that we should take into account or problems that have been detected?

Thank you very much!!
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