[Bucardo-general] Error with the VAC running purge_delta over a not synched table

Francisco Puga fpuga at icarto.es
Thu Jul 23 10:28:18 UTC 2020


I have a multi-active setup of two databases with bucardo. Only one
dbgroup, herd, sync.

Not all tables are synched in the databases, and the sync seems to work,
but i have an error in the log each minute:

(32517) [Thu Jul 23 12:13:41 2020] VAC Warning! VAC was killed at line
7886: DBD::Pg::st pg_result failed: ERROR:  relation does not exist

The table "domains_schema.foo" exists but is not synched now, and I prefer
to no sync it. But a synched table has a foreing key over it.

When i run `bucardo validate all` i get a warning abour referenced tables
not being synched but i understood it as only a warning. Should i synched

I paste a bigger log and the the idea of the table schemas


Any clue? Many thanks.
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